Bikini Thalia Shapeline

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Bikini Thalia Shapeline is the highest quality product of Gatta Shapeline series. The name of the product indicates that the main function is to slim the lower parts of woman's body. Material used in production of Bikini Thalia Shapeline has an extra elongation feature and has higher resistance to mechanical damage. It perfectly adapts to the shape of the person who wears it. Correct use and washing in appropriate temperatures make the Bikini model Thalia Shapeline can last as unaffected for years. High waisted design ends on the line of the belly button. Thanks to this, the body shaping process becomes much more easier - the belly is maintained by a strong elastic bands isnide the product. In addition, the buttocks are modeled and lifted while wearing it. There is no movement restrictions and its layer creates a second skin effect which doesn't create any extra folds. Bikinis Thalia Shapeline are available in beige in M-XL sizes.

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