Body Shapeline

Slimming lingerie

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Body Shapeline is a fantastic offer from Gatta to all women who don't feel enough confident in their body. The highest quality of materials, interesting cuts and innovative technical solutions make the product reliable in every situation. It is practically undetectable for a woman and it provides 100% discretion. Beige shade of body shapeline makes it very subtle and doesn't leave any marks while wearing under the clothes. Furthermore, the material fits the body so that its stays invisible even in combination with tights outfits. Part of the cups has been maintained with noticeable underwires and thick arm straps in order to lift the breasts shape. The biggest advantage of Body Shapeline is their comfort and breathability of the material. They are easy to maintain because they don't require any ironing and extra washing conditions.  You can wear them both during winter time and hot summer days. Product is available in sizes S-L.

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