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  • help fight cellulite
  • improve circulation and the appearance of the skin
  • aid correct cellular metabolism
  • first results visible after just 4 weeks of use
  • composition: 85% polyamide, 14% Lycra, 1% cotton

Gatta Bye Cellulite tights are an ideal solution for all the women who struggle with stretch marks on their skin. They are made of a special kind of yarn, which consists of active mineral substances - this allows better lymph circulation, which not only supports the fight against cellulite, but also provides additional slimming properties. The first effects can be seen after just one month of regular use. Thanks to the application of modern technology and combining minerals with yarn structure, the tights keep their effectiveness even after they have been washed numerous times. The advanced minerals in the tights cause the heat emitted through skin to turn into deep infra-red rays, which penetrate the skin tissue to gently warm up the cells. This is exactly the process that stimulates metabolism, improves blood supply and enhances appearance of the skin.

Product code: sxl39800

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