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The woman does not look like a more seductive than a dress or skirt. For this costume you need, however, to ensure proper tights that will fit to the season, the color styling and feminine taste. All classic tights are the perfect solution for elegant costumes, to professional meetings, receptions, but also out of friends and long walks.

With different thickness can be adapted tights to the season and look fashionable, while feeling comfort. We tights in a wide range of colors, which makes it easy every woman can assemble the appropriate outfit for a specific occasion. Classic tights come in different sizes and are made of different materials, including Lycra, microfiber. They may also have additives cashmere.


Classic - Fortissima

LUNA 15 DEN - Gatta


LUNA women's tights in a classic and elegant hue to guarantee a perfect look. The 15 denier thickness makes these tights ideal for a business outfit, for evening wear, and also on hot days. The bare skin shows through the delicate and fine fabric. These tights are exceptionally subtle. The smooth fabric softly envelops your legs, making them visibly slimmer. The wide choice of hues created by Gatta allows you to choose the right one to match your skin tone and your outfit. The final appearance is further enhanced by the exceptional elasticity of the fabric. The elastic Lycra closely hugs the body. It also eliminates the creasing of fabric. The fabric forms a thin and smooth layer along its entire length. Stronger accents can be found in the toe and panty sections, making it durable even with frequent use.



FORTISSIMA tights use special solutions within the fabric to guarantee a perfect look in any situation. The use of Lycra® Xtra Life™ technology provides numerous advantages. The innovative 3D yarn features exceptional stretch. The fabric closely hugs the body. There are no folds or creases on the fabric's surface. The silky texture of the fabric adds to the elegance of the garment. The smooth surface with its slight sheen ensures a great look. The 15 DEN thickness adds a degree of transparency and lightness to the fabric. The skin is enveloped with a very subtle coat to make the legs look slimmer. A great advantage of this design is its resistance to damage. These tights are exceptionally resistant to laddering. If the fabric is accidentally caught, the damage does not proceed further.



An ideal choice for professional women who value comfort, quality and elegance. The versatile thickness of 20 DEN, combined with the semi-matt finish of the fabric, make the legs look slimmer. The visible and well-reinforced panty section ensures a great feeling of comfort. The use of braided Lycra provides an excellent hold, preventing the tights from moving and creating discomfort. The correct thickness, smooth texture and optimum finish of the toe and panty section all contribute to creating an ideal design for women who have to adhere to a professional dress code on a daily basis. These tights by Gatta will not let you down, even during those very intense days.

ELLEN 15 DEN - Gatta


These 15 DEN women's tights in a classic hue are perfect for any outfit. They are particularly recommended for evening wear and business outfits. They maintain the right balance between comfort and aesthetics. These tights have an attractive appearance in addition to providing optimum thermal comfort. This design of Gatta tights uses premium-quality braided Lycra, which closely hugs the body to beautifully emphasize the shape of the legs. The invisible panty section and the delicate flat seam make it possible to wear close-fitting outfits without the risk of seams showing through the clothes. An additional advantage is the invisible toe section, which enables you to wear low-cut, open shoes.

MONICA 20 den - Gatta

MONICA 20 den

Elegant semi opaque 20 DEN tights made from soft microfibre. The use of premium-quality yarn gives the tights exceptional strength, making them resistant to damage. The silky-smooth texture provides great comfort. Thanks to its excellent stretch properties, the fabric sensually envelops the legs, making them look slimmer without exerting any pressure. The sophisticated upper section with a Jacquard panty design adds a certain sensual elegance. The invisible toe section makes it possible to wear these tights with low-cut, open shoes. The perfectly balanced practical and aesthetic qualities, enhanced by a flirtatious finish, make these tights ideal for a seductive look.

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