Gatta Move Long Strip Leggings

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Long Strip Leggings from the Move collection have been specially designed for women who appreciate comfort and convenience. They are made from the highest quality materials to make your most intense workouts comfortable even with extreme movements involved. Product has got a wide belt section which is designed to maintain the leggings on the body surface and simultaneously slim the body shapes. Due to the small pocket hidden behind the belt it is possible to keep keys or other small items in it and get involved in physical activity that's free from any distractions. Due to the technology combining different fabrics Gatta Long Strop leggings are light and airy. During first minutes of wearing it they form a breathable "second skin" layer that doesn't cause any discomfort when sweating. Long Strop leggings have been designed in two colour versions of the stripes - colourful or a muted black-grey-white version. Easy-to-maintain leggings are the perfect companion of any workout. Model is available in sizes S to XL.

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